Code of Ethics

The competitive power of the Piovanelli Arms Store is based on the solid family union of the company owner, the extraordinary knowledge of the products and the segments and the special quality and competence of its employees and collaborators.

The company’s mission is to create and produce value through a responsible use of the products, employing energy and dedication for proper information and education at the same time.

Piovanelli Arms Store is committed to and advocates the adoption of any preventive and control measures deemed appropriate to ensure full compliance with existing laws and regulations, supervisory rules, industry self-regulation standards, both locally and in any geographic context in which the Company operates.

Piovanelli Arms Store also widespreads and promotes the “common sense”, intended as prevention additional to any norms and laws in force.

In Piovanelli Arms Store all human resources benefit from a continuous updating and steady training on the laws, administrative regulations and in general all regulatory provisions applicable to the various products and segments.

Piovanelli Arms Store fosters the respect for the environment, strongly believing that any individual can contribute to the preservation and protection of the ecosystem.

The Company bases its daily business on fairness and transparency by recommending to all employees, collaborators and consultants a sense of responsibility based on ethics, sincere communication in relationships and the deep awareness that setting a good example is the best possible teaching.