Our services

Over the years Piovanelli Arms Store has been able to specialize in the segments listed below, as a natural evolution of the passion that sees them first as sportsman, then as collectors and finally as real technical divulgators, taken for reference both nationally and internationally.

Negozio attrezzatissimo che vi propone una vasta scelta di:

  • Hunting and Shooting weapons
  • Ammunition and Cartridges for hunting and shooting
  • Shots for hunting and defense
  • Reloading material of the best brands
  • Optics for Hunting and Shooting
  • Cutlery and Defense Weapons
  • Technical accoutrements for hunting
  • Bows and crossbows
  • Sporty, Hunting and Shooting clothing
  • Assistance and Weapons Repairing
  • Up to 800 metres optics calibration
  • Arms Customization
  • Indoor Tunnel with 4 trial firing lines
  • Ams Safekeeping Service

It boasts a considerable expertise and reliability in its sector as well as being the owner of the arms store on the prestigious “CONCAVERDE” trapshooting field in Lonato

All you have to do is just DROPPING IN!!!